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Apparently, I was attached enough to the voluntarily insignificant to feel some pain about his decision to discard me. So I need to cleanse. Don’t want to drag any of the past into the future, except the lessons. It’s such a bother.

Cleansing has a few purposes. One is the spiritual side, being thankful for the good times, and letting go, as if one has a choice when one is dumped. Then there’s the practical side of preventing the spawning of any womb turds left from pieces of shit who masqueraded as worthy for a time.

I’m not sure which hurts worse as far as physical pain, but in messiness, it has got to be the practical side. Fortunately, the timing couldn’t be better. Things should happen when they were supposed to. Had this been two weeks ago, I might have had some difficulties.

Some male witches, when learning the dirty details of forcible purging methods of female witches, are a little squeamish about it at first. As they serve more of their hearbroken and abandoned sisters though, they start to understand the importance of a very clean break.

For those of you out there unaware of the Jewish calendar, he dumped me a short time before the Pesach (Passover) Seder. It was a little while before the special meal that is usually had with the family from near and far all together. So I know what went down.

That is the time when family meets and greets and if anyone is doing anything shameful or out of line, it is reported to the family elders present. The deviants and offenders are told how horrible they are. The big guns of guilt and shame are drawn and fired. So everyone has to settle their affairs and find fast solutions to alleviate their suffering. He had to dump me or someone was going to find out about me or decide he was mentally ill or whatever. I needed to be got rid of before I became a shame.

So basically, the herd got him.

…and I am grateful to the herd for purging this weakness infiltrating my tribe.

Now it is time to purge the weakness from my heart and womb.

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