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Well, my fuckboy turnover filters are working.Β  The newling called me today to dump me. As usual, he wanted to talk about it…in person no less.

Why do they want to talk? “If you’re going to shoot then shoot.”

Anyway, I have stuff to do…a surgery to prepare for, a family and an ile to manage, and people who actually love me who deserve my attention more.

2 lessons learned:

Shai is all I need mate-love-wise. Nobody loves me like him.

Red Lightning is all I need sex-wise. I just wish he had more time. If I need to wait, I just wait. If it’s more than six months, and I can’t wait then the relief pitcher really is just friendly dick, and I should treat them like the walking dildoes they are. I shouldn’t bother about feelings with people who have none…at least none of their own.

I am grateful to Oshun for the momentary pleasure. I am grateful to Eshu for the important lesson in the nature of humans.

Gate gate…

He didn’t even get a name. I don’t know who he thought he was.Β  LOL!

Link to this article: http://ironwynch.com/scrolls/228o2

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