Cleaning House and Further Deprogramming

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MeThe big news online lately has been social media sites cleaning house. They’ve banned accounts associated with terrorism and hate groups, and have implemented a one strike policy on whatever each site feels is most problematic.

A few innocents and some people who should tone it down but do mean well have been caught in the sweep. Most of that has been corrected in the last few days by legitimate users vouching for them.

WordPress has also banned many hate blogs, both free and paid I’m told. Citizen Renegade, formerly Heartiste, formerly Roissy in DC is one of them.

I have noticed though, that certain accounts and sites that are pretty far right or far left or armed resistance types of varying kinds, still stand. Guess which ones they are? The ones that one can be sure are actual human beings posting their actual opinions. The sites that have been shut down are, for the most part, nuisance and spammer sites with artificially inflated statistics, bots, and fake commenters.

No surprises there. If you’ve been reading me awhile, you can guess why.

Even though some of my sites get mad traffic because they fill a gap in the information pool that nobody else thought to or was willing to fill, it was hard. Those gaps were hard to find. Some of them, I had to actually meditate on, and pray for guidance from the Orishas to figure out ideas. One of them is Ogun. He is not easy to work with.

Unless you are paying someone for promotion or you are making someone some money, getting more than 10 comments a day on one site is very rare, let alone one page. Some national news sites don’t get that.

Recently an Israeli firm has been caught by Facebook faking the funk. It’s kind of messed up that with all that has been going on, it’s only big news when an Israeli company is doing it, but then…as I’ve said before, this country does have the worst criminals in the world. They suck so bad at crime that any Israeli thinking of beginning any criminal venture should strongly consider that they may not have the required talent to be successful at it. If our best and most famous thief of pensions can’t manage not to get caught, there was no way a small tech business “shaping reality” was going to do their dirt without someday falling.

Nobody’s freedom of speech is at risk because of these sweeps, but a whole lot of the air will be cleared by taking down the political spammers. One person should have one voice. Realistically on the internet, the “one voice” is layered across maybe up to 5 accounts. Most people who are working or spending a lot of time online at least have their “normal” known identity account, their play or porny type account, and their gaming account on various services. It’s still one person only able to post through one identity at a time. If that one voice influences many, each using their one voice, that is fair. When a company is getting paid to make one voice seem like 20,000 voices, this is not freedom of speech. It’s artificial spam.

So I’ve been taking the opportunity to suss out spammers and their supporters and cut them out of my field of influence. If someone is trotting out the brainwashing mantras of the bots, that is not a thinking person I should be attempting a reasonable conversation or debate with. They gone. Lights on but nobody home.

It has been an interesting transition. Some interesting conversation is coming out…and speaking of coming out, I’m seeing some beautiful new voices that aren’t getting drowned out of conversations they should be in. For example, a person who is a transgender man speaking out that the #Alabortion laws affect his health too. People who are trans are quite often the targets of violence including rape. They need their medical concerns addressed with sensitivity. There are probably about 30-70 million female sex but gendered men on this planet. They should have a voice in this too since they have uteruses. Every so often there is someone genitally male born with a uterus and ovaries too. It happens.

It’s nice to see people saying, “We exist!” without being drowned in a deluge of hateful spam. They do sometimes get many hateful responses, but not nearly as many, and since they’re from real humans now, much ignorance turns out to be quite curable with information. Maybe the internet will continue to get better. I hope so.

As for my meat-life, I am still learning and growing. One thing that has come up lately is that it’ll be my birthday soon, and I am supposed to make the men in my life spend on me a bit. The way things work here is that this is something that is expected once you start sharing your body with someone. They’re supposed to take on at least partly a provider role, and the more solid the relationship is hoped to be, the more intimate the gift.

So I am supposed to get Tiger to get me something, which is no problem. We do the birthday thing in the U.S. too. My issue is that the thing Diva is suggesting is a piece of bedroom furniture. That is HUGE for me. It is a line I would not cross until marriage/cohabiting in the U.S. I have this sense that if he gets this, then my home becomes more his home. The cost is not the issue at all. The value of the thing is only around $200. It’s the symbolism…that every time I wake up, I’m going to see the thing he bought. Every time he comes over, he’s going to see it too, and probably, well hopefully smile to himself that he got that thing for me.

Israeli normal is quite different from Usaian normal. Israeli required whether or not it’s normal is a little crazy to me, but here it’s necessary so I just have to suck it up and go to Ikea. We are supposed to go there anyway because even though I like occasional fanciness, I’m a lover of relatively bland comfort foods as well. I love their meatballs, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

Speaking of food, there is a cooking group on YouTube that I have come to love, SortedFood. Everybody in the world should check them out. The chef at the helm of it, Ben Ebbrell, reminds me a lot of Diva who, as y’all know, I would wife if I were male in this lifetime. Jamie, the leader at the social end, is just a riot and I would definitely have a beer and eat with him. He’s that universal bro who doesn’t make a big deal of being a bro which is why he’s such a bro. Plus, he makes everything better with either bacon or chorizo.

If you’re a YouTuber looking to boost your profile, they are also a very good example of how to do that. They really do well by their sponsors, and there are many things I’d look at in the appliance catalog and not be bothered, that they’ve shown to be very useful and practical. Because of Ben, I’ve purchased quite a few silicone baking pans, actually started using my chopper more often, and a good stand mixer is on my wish list.

I think these dark political times and the fallout on the internet has done one good thing. It has taught us all a bit about the value and power of relationships. Before, there was so much we hid from one another, but the arguing and fighting, especially fighting through a storm of fake, has made the genuine people more genuine. We’ve hashed out many issues of race, sex, gender, religion, and all sorts that in the past, might have just festered under the surface.

Through our disagreements, my friends and family who I would normally keep at a much safer distance, have become more friends and family. We feel freer to talk to each other and when needed to ask for help…at least for good energy and emotional support.

Now that the storm of fake is clearing, I think like the beach after a storm, there’s some debris laying in chaotic places, but overall, it’s clean. Folks have cleaner communication now.

I’m excited to see what comes next.

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