Got My Tortilla Maker, YAY!

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Yesterday, I got the tortilla maker that I got from Sam’s Stores.  It is a dream.  Once I figured out how to work it properly, I made 15 perfect, soy free little tortillas.  With this baby, I can make them every night.

It cost a lot with the shipping, but it was worth every penny.  It’ll pay for itself in 20 uses.  Tortillas are way too expensive here, but they are almost the cheapest solid food to make aside of wild berries or something.  As proud as I was of myself for learning to make Druze pitas on the tabun at home, they mean standing over a hot stove doing them one at a time.  With the tortilla maker, there’s none of that.

Now begins the experimentation.  I’m going to try to make some whole wheat, rye, barley, and maybe millet tortillas.  Wish me luck.

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