Video: Burning of the Lies

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In this video, I read the letters Papa II wrote me with his own hands, burn them, and then eat some of the ashes to own my half of the stupidity of it all.

As you hear the words, remember that I am not a young, hot chick a guy would need to lie to with such mushy words of lerve.

I believe that even though the Talmud isn’t quite as damning of non Jews as it’s often interpreted, primitive rabbis themselves do interpret it in the worst way.  They do not account for the between the lines sanctity of human life and extend customs around slavery and for self preservation at the time to all non Jews.  They essentially are or became the monsters anti semites paint them to be, and spread this monstrosity so deep into the culture here that the message that it is okay to lie to and deceive us, and is even a sort of “mitzvah” to harm us.

So a non Jewish woman is no safer in the hands of the average Jew as a non Arab woman in the hands of the average Arab or Druze here.  Each has their own infidel class that includes anyone who isn’t in their ethnic/religious category.

The difference between them is that Jews are less aware of how they’ve been programmed, so they don’t know that anything is wrong that they need to fight.  They will claim that they are not racists because “Jewish” is technically a religious designation, but they treat it like a race.  So what if technically, they are malignant xenophobes.  It’s a distinction without a difference.

I am more convinced than ever that if a non Jewish/Arab/Druze woman is thinking of living here, she should prepare to either suspend her romantic life, only date guys who were raised and educated outside Israel (read tourists and foreign workers), or simply not believe that a man loves her unless or until he invests something real in the relationship.

I have met Israeli men who don’t have the scratch on their brain and do right by their non Jewish girlfriends and wives, but just a handfull.  So they do exist.  I’m not saying it’s hopeless.

What I’m saying is “don’t bank on the exceptions”.

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