Yemaya Days

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I love water.  I mean, I really love water.  I avoided the sea for a few weeks because it reminded me of someone, but I had to get back for work.  Now, I’m getting back in the habit.  Here are some photos of some of my visits to the sea.

2012-07-18 17.31.46 2012-07-18 17.33.102012-08-15yemaya01 2012-08-15yemaya02 2012-08-15yemaya03 2012-08-15yemaya05 2012-08-15yemaya06 2012-08-15yemaya072012-08-24yemaya05 2012-08-24yemaya07 2012-08-24yemaya10 2012-08-24yemaya132012-12-31yemaya11 2012-12-31yemaya1301hofdor 04nicolehofdor 05nicolehofdor22012-07-05 18.18.29 2012-07-05 18.19.27 2012-07-05 18.19.56 2012-07-05 18.20.24 2012-07-05 18.22.02 sealove04 sealove05 sealove06🙂

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