False Rape Accusations: How to Reduce Your Chances

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Frank EmbreeIn 1889, Frank Embree was accused of raping a 14 year old (“white”) woman (back then, 14 was a woman).  He was innocent, but confessed after receiving 100 lashes with a whip.  Then he was castrated, flayed and then burned alive in front of a cheering crowd.

There have been many cases like this.  African American men have been consistently accused of rapes and other crimes they did not commit.  In the past, this was mostly a risk that came from European Americans, but once African American women bought into feminism, some have been using this weapon as well.  So, our community being particularly sensitive and constantly on the receiving end of these accusations, had ways of preventing it, or at least reducing the chances.

It’s a talk most African American fathers have with their sons before they actually become sexually active.  If the father is absent though, he doesn’t get this important talk.  If he’s lucky, he might get it from someone else’s father or a friend…IF he’s lucky.

European Americans haven’t been as aware of this problem as others, except as something that usually happened to others, until some started to notice that false accusations were on the rise.  Schools and universities started witch hunts and awareness groups that were basically panic generators.  Instead of instructing both young men and young women to mind themselves, women were encouraged to be more shameless, while young men were instructed to basically never be in the presence of a female without witnesses and a video camera or else they’d be accused of rape.

Quite often though, the accusation doesn’t come completely out of nowhere, though by the way some European American men talk, one would think it did.  They speak of it as if it is a totally inexplicable thing that falls out of the sky from nowhere.  They don’t.

Okay, some do, but most don’t.

Most false rape accusations come from regretted sex, but it’s not the woman who regretted the sex.  It’s the man who expressed regret or ingratitude for the sex.  She reacts to his expression of regret by rethinking the incident in the new context of him hating her or being disgusted with her, and believes that she has been raped.

She consented to having sex with a man who wanted her.  What she got was penetrated by a man who did not want her, and made her feel bad for having sex with him.

It’s not rape, but it’s a mindfuck that an intelligent man would wish to avoid committing.

Inner World vs. Outer World

In “the talk” an African American patriarch explains to young men about to embark on their journey into sexual conquests, that men and women do think differently.  With the background that it is unmanly for a man to prattle like a teenage girl in the first place, sex is something that should not be over-discussed with the woman one wishes to bed.  Not before, and definitely not after.

One’s entrance to the scene should be seductive and decisive, and one’s exit should be classy and swift (but not too swift).  One should not spill their gutts to the woman in whom they have just spilled their seed.

A man should express gratitude and little else.  If one does not feel gratitude, one should fake it.

A player may earn himself a reputation as a player, but an ungrateful man earns nothing.  Her shame will prevent her from singing any praises, and her secrecy will arouse suspicions one does not want aroused.

In other words, the woman shouldn’t know that you didn’t really want to see her.  She shouldn’t know that you found her disgusting.  She shouldn’t know that you are having any regrets even if you’re having them.

Yes, it is dishonest, but consider your regret when she shows her lacerated vagina that you pounded for four hours straight, her bruises, bite marks, and handprints that just fit yours to the on call nurse and police.

Do not fall for the feminist hype that men should be sensitive and honest.  Fuck that.  Lie motherfucker LIE!!!  Lie your ass off.

Then when you’ve told her that you enjoyed your time together, leave it at that.  Don’t change your story.  Don’t even change it when she asks you why you haven’t returned.  Say it’s because you got into a relationship, or you went out of town.

It will save your ass.

….and if you weren’t disgusted with her, or nothing was particularly wrong, and you’re just having some sort of emotional issues, you keep those god damned issues to yourself.  You don’t dump that shit on a woman who just had sex with you.  You’re saying, “Well, I don’t know what to make of all this.  I didn’t want to do this again because what I really need is (blah blah blah…)” but what she’s hearing is, “You are a disgusting slut and I hate you!”

Second thoughts, regrets of any kind, or even uncertainty about what you’ve just done should be kept quiet.

If you’ve got something on your chest, and you need to speak, then talk to your guy friends.  That’s what they’re there for.  The woman should never be privy to these thoughts.

Women can backwards rationalize almost anything.  We don’t regret sex unless the guy we did it with made us regret it by polluting the happy memory with expressions of regret.  It means we can’t even think about you or fantasize about you anymore because we went from being wanted to being unwanted…from being desired and taken to being deceived and basically shat in like a toilet.

If you make a woman feel like that, you are fortunate if she doesn’t do the worst thing she possibly can to you…and one day you will encounter that one mentally ill woman, or you will push that one vulnerable woman over the edge with your regretted sex mindfuck, and your luck will run out.

You can greatly reduce your chances of getting accused of rape by simply showing gratitude, rather than ingratitude, when a woman opens her legs for you, even if she wasn’t the pornstar or anime clone of your dreams.

These accusations are all about revenge.  You can shout to the heavens about how unfair it is, but that doesn’t change Nature.  Nature doesn’t care.  Intelligence is the way out of this, not fairness.  So do the smart thing and be grateful, and if you can’t be grateful, just lie or keep your mouth shut.

This advice has kept my male relatives out of jail, even through a lot of relationship and sidechick drama.

/end “the talk”

Additional Advice From Male Friends and Family on Preventing False Rape Accusations or Post Sexual Drama

1. Call the next day to check on the woman.

I understand that most PUA’s would say not to call a woman for 3 days, but that is only if she is a hot chick (media/mainstream standards) who is used to being doted on and stalked, and with whom you actually have long term plans.  Most women are not in that category, and you can’t game them the same way you’d game a model or someone in the top tier of looks + socioeconomic class.

Besides, if you’re not really sure if you’re going to keep a woman anyway, you lose nothing from reassuring her that A, you have no regrets about it and B, you’re a responsible man who doesn’t just dump his seed around willy nilly and go.

Women don’t generally take revenge on guys who they respect or admire or perhaps view as awkward puppydogs.  They want revenge when they feel they’ve been used or insulted in some way.

You don’t have to define anything or promise anything.  In fact, it’s best if you don’t unless or until you’re actually sure about something.  You’re just there to say hello, ask how she’s doing, listen to her answer, maybe tell her again that you enjoyed the time together, and then have something you need to get to so you can’t talk too much longer.

If a conversation develops, go with the flow.  If she starts asking questions about where it’s going or what it was, then tell her, “This is not the time, babe/sweety/honey/whatever.”

Get off the phone or end the SMS’s as quickly as courtesy will allow.  This is just checking up.

Checkups should happen: the day after, a month after, and maybe 3 months after, if you don’t shag at times in between that.  Every time you shag, she should get a call the next day.

You can’t have “bitches” safely unless you can handle them safely.  Guys who don’t handle their business get nasty surprises like hearing through a friend that they might have raped someone, guys finding excuses to kick their ass because they heard they raped someone, or in extreme cases, interrogations from the police.  I have seen this happen to a friend of mine.

2. If she starts pressing you for a date, a commitment, a ring, or whatever, and you don’t want to do what she needs you to do for her to trust you or stay with you, do NOT try to “lawyer” her into dropping her standards.  Just throw that fish back in the lake.  Bail out.

If you get into those kinds of conversations, you are setting yourself up for a false rape accusation or gray area situation that could be “rape enough”.

Lawyering means you’ve lost your self respect, and the pussy is more important than your integrity.  If you don’t want to date or commit to this girl, but she requires that for you to continue, you only have two choices to keep your dignity: give in but frame it so that she also has obligations to you, or just leave.

…but when you leave, word it like, “I can’t give you what you need…” or something along those lines.

Remember, NEVER express regret.  Never tell her the real details of why you can’t give her what she needs if they would insult her in some way.  The ways that would insult her have to do with looks or accidents of birth like her ethnicity, height, age, etc.  Basically, if it’s because you thought she was good enough to shag, but not good enough to date or commit to, then keep that shit to yourself.  If you spill that, she will feel violated, and may spread rape rumors about you or flip out and go to the police.

3. If you made the mistake of getting into a relationship with a woman who threatens to call the police on you or sue you or otherwise use the authorities or legal system to abuse you, END it.  END IT NOW.

This is a non negotiable.  If she has a history of that, end it.  You can usually find out if a woman has a history on Google.  Check someone out before getting into a relationship.

Remember, all women are vengeful to some degree, but you want to see how a woman handles her problems.  If she’ll argue, great.  If she’ll handle conflicts with integrity, bonus.  If she blogs or does some art, wonderful.  She has an outlet that won’t ruin anybody’s life.  If, however, she threatens legal action every time someone says things she doesn’t like, advocates snitching for victimless crimes, or defines sexual harassment or rape as anything that makes a woman uncomfortable, just don’t go there.

Just don’t.

About blogging, Facebook pages, and other means of on-the-fly self expression, go back to posts about breakups and relationship problems, and read her reactions to them.  If she can’t tell the difference between being deceived and/or used and/or being in a dysfunctional situation and being raped, then she is too high risk.  She should be able to tell where the lines are between psychological violation, emotional abuses, and actual physical rape.  If she can’t, then you don’t want to do anything with her.

Remember, what she has done to others, she would do to you under similar circumstances.

4. The “NO” girl is a no-go.

There are women who are insulted by male attention.  They make a point of reacting with over-the-top hostility towards guys who approach them.  Though you can get past their barriers sometimes, don’t get drawn in by the challenge aspect.  If you’re going to pursue them at all, it should stop before you get them alone.  To teach them a lesson, it’s good to get them to like you and then casually find better things to do.  It is not a good idea to get them into any situation in which they could say that you raped or otherwise violated them.

Best is to just take the no and don’t go any further.  You don’t have to prove anything to a woman whose vagina you know in advance is a rape trap.

5. Rape rumors are much, much more common than official rape accusations, and can be very damaging if one day you are accused.

For every woman who actually reported a real rape, there are many who were raped and didn’t report.  However, there are also many, many women who weren’t actually raped, who framed something shady that happened to them as a rape, and didn’t tell the cops, but told a friend.  There are also many who just straight up lie, but it’s more common to see a reframe.

Reframes are bad for you because the court of opinion can damage you in ways that a court of law can’t.  No jury is needed to convict you.  The story just has to be believable enough, and it doesn’t even need to start with the woman you had sex with.  It is quite often started by friends or jealous orbiters who reframed something that happened to her as a rape.

Often, a woman won’t say, “I was raped…” they will tell their story, and other people will tell her it was rape or some sort of violation.  From then on, every guy she knows is watching you, and every girl she knows is waiting for you to sneeze so they can accuse you of something.

Many men who have been falsely accused often started by being whispered about.  The guy bumbles through his sex life with good intentions, but no clue how or that his behavior can have unexpected consequences.  Then when someone finally does flip out, there is nobody to vouch for his character or to talk some sense to his accuser.  In their eyes, he has been a rapist for years, and nobody is surprised.

Related to #4, but talking about non crazy women saying no:


I repeat:


The last thing you want to do when a woman says no to you is to insult her or make her feel bad in any way for saying no.  Women should never have to justify or explain saying no.

If you consistently put women in the position of having to explain their “no” or insult them for saying “no”, then you are damaging your own reputation.  You get labelled a rapist before you even got to do anything, and woman will warn other women about you if they know about it.  The same goes for expressing regrets and ingratitude.

If you handle yourself with some acceptance that the world does not owe you pussy for existing, then she may change her mind.  The ability to not bother about people who don’t want any is a sign of dominance and having better things to do.

Every time you’re with a woman, you and she are taking some risks.  She takes a mostly physical risk, but don’t forget that you’re running some emotional and possibly legal risks that could lead to physical risks aside of disease.

Don’t be the male equivalent of a woman walking around drunk and alone at night in a bad part of town.  Use your brain to keep you out of trouble.  It’s not fair if someone falsely accuses you officially or what’s more common, unofficially.  You didn’t do the wrong thing, but if you didn’t heed the advice of experienced men,  then you bear some responsibility for your situation.  So don’t be a fool for pussy, and pussy won’t make a fool out of you.

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