Hate to See a Grown Man Cry

Link to this article: https://ironwynch.com/scrolls/7VKUH

Perhaps being part of an alpha male harem for now, is better than settling down with a beta.

A man with NMS, being raised or programmed by women who constantly put sex in the context of victimhood, will interpret a woman giving him sex or wanting to have sex with him as rape, or a crime on the level of rape.  It works with the same or similar psychological acrobatics with which the Hollaback “activists” interpret being spoken to in public as harassment and promoting rape.  He’ll cry about it with his friends, and they’ll commiserate together about how disgusting it was that a woman who was not perfect, and had some unforgivable flaw, spread her legs and let him inside her.

Oh the humanity.

In my post about false rape accusations and why they happen, more unofficially than officially, the disgust a woman feels when watching grown men cry about someone having sex with them is one of those things.  It takes someone conscious of the natural results of socially programming men to be pussies, to watch that or experience that without freaking out.

Even though I am very aware, it makes me blink and shake my head.  It is quite insane.  Quite insane…but again, for most people, especially beta males, sexual conformity feels almost as good as sex itself.   (If you don’t feel that way, it’s a sign that you are not a natural beta.)  Actually having sex with a woman the herd has deemed unacceptable feels like a failure to conform, or as if one was uncontrollably driven by impulses that the villainous socially unacceptable woman has taken advantage of somehow.

Everybody’s a fucking victim now.

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