Spanish Feminists Unknowingly Protest the Results of Feminism, and Americans Ignore It

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While marching to la Gran Via, feminist activist Laura Lozano told Spain’s El Diario that many women can’t attend the usual labor strikes because they are combining “several very poorly paid jobs” in order to survive. “We are the ones who suffer the effects of the crisis,” Lozano told El Diario. “Cuts in health and education harm us much more, because women are the ones used to taking care of dependents, be they small or large.”

via The Massive Feminist Protest the English-Speaking World Completely Ignored – Mic.

Basically, due to manufactured impoverishment and educational emasculation of men, and women being both socially and now financially obligated to fill in the gap, women are pissed off.  Apparently, walking a mile in men’s shoes hurt women’s feet, and this is somehow still men’s fault.

Nonetheless, this was a massive feminist protest that the English speaking world largely ignored.  Why?

I have a theory.  Feminists in the U.S. and U.K. are out of touch with the concerns of the rest of the world.  Because they have very little contact with Spanish speaking women on a day to day basis, what is happening in Spanish speaking countries, including Spain itself, is not something they care much about…at least not the ones driving any mainstream media.

Feminism is just one tool in the box of cultural and social colonialism.  So an American (like me) would see the irony in the protests, because I’m from the ground zero of feminism.  Someone who was a victim of the cultural colonialism wouldn’t see the funny, and if the ring leaders can help it, they never will.

…but unlike in the past, there’s the internet now.  With social media, news travels fast.  Eventually, it will get back to the women of Spain, “What are you protesting?  You wanted equality.  Now you have the burden of men, since you emasculated your men.  Now your men depend on you to both tend to the children and pay the bills.  You should be happy.  You now have the same concerns that your men had about labor rights and fair treatment.  Congratulations.”

It’s not like men in Spain, Greece, or hey, Israel, are living high on the hog while women live in squalor.  They are living according to their own earning power, or within that of whoever they are depending on.

Welcome to equality, ladies.  No amount of protesting will release you from having to be adults, and as long as you don’t allow men to be men, you will have to be the men.  Someone has to do it.   If it’s not them, it’s going to be you.

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