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There’s your temperament and your culture, your nurture, your environment. I’m an identical twin and we’re not exactly alike. No two people are alike. What’s really interesting, and the most important scientific thing in my lifetime, is an understanding of epigenetics. We are beginning to understand how the environment turns genes on and off and sends those on or off genes on to the next generation. We also know that your own biology is going to make some difference in whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, what kind of person you choose to live with and marry, what kind of occupation you go into, so we’re all a giant combination of all of our biological mechanisms.

via More Sex Talk from the Love Scientist – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus.

As an arm chair scientist, it seems a good sign to me that there is more public honesty about the biological connection to romantic (or anti romantic) behavior.  However, once the white-coats start mainstreaming anything, I become suspicious about the purpose.  Is this a heads-up that we are about to see more skillful manipulation of the masses?

Now that they know a bit more about how it works, what will the elite do next to drive the herd’s mating and dating habits in the direction they want it to go?

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