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I live my life with nothing to hide. I don’t mess with people who don’t mess with me. Truth be told, I don’t even give back a fraction of what some people who’ve harmed me or tried their damndest to, deserve. Over time though, I came to understand that here in Israel, sometimes people do bad things to me because they don’t think I can do anything about it. They see my skin and know that where I am from, people who look like me get shot in the streets by authorities, and murdered quietly, and those who killed them get away with it. Women who look like me disappear and then get blamed for whatever happens to them.

This time though, I understand that another woman who looks a bit like me is in danger. She may make the mistake of getting with a person who apparently chooses women who look like me to exploit and hurt. Not being satisfied with hurting us and us getting away from him, he will seek out our friends to twist the knife.

I’ve edited this post leaving out a lot of the details because they don’t really matter. As of July 2020, a third man who hurt me has committed suicide. He is the fifth to die violently. It is quite normal for men who hurt me to suffer in horrible ways. Though I am sure it is just a coincidence, it has strengthened my faith in Nature.

So this post is half a deterrent and half a kind of place holder. Hopefully for anyone who might be harmed by him, it’s a warning that dude’s got something crawling in his soul, and will betray you.

Assaf ShomerThe short version is that he’s treacherous and tried to manipulate me through my best friend after the breakup.

Since I’ve been getting messages asking me why I’ve posted this, let me make it clear that this is not about the breakup.

This post is here ONLY because after the breakup, he tried to mess with my head by attempting to manipulate a friend, Diva. Mind you, Diva and I are more than friends. She is the Queen of my ile. I warned him that if he walks away, to keep walking. I told him that if he has a change of heart and returns, he will have to earn my trust, and it won’t be in any way an “equal” relationship until he proves himself equally invested in it. I told him that if he returns and tries to hurt me or my loved ones again, he will be prevented from doing so. The best and most peaceful way I could see to that is by making sure that my tribe and anyone interested enough in my life to read my blog is informed of his behavior. If you want to know more than that, leave a comment with a specific question or contact me privately.

This post sits here as a sort of war trophy to warn any guys in my future with predatory leanings that I will put them on the jumbotron.

I will not tolerate repeated attempts to harm me or mine.

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