A New Site is Birthing: Maaternal.com

Maaternal.com Logo

I’ve begun work on a new website, Maaternal.com. I think it’s about time more people knew that afrocentric and Panafrican maternal feminists and Africana womanists exist. What gave me the inspiration to actually buy a domain and give this some focus is that most of the writing around it is…

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10 Evangelicals Arrested After Killing 7 During Violent Exorcism Rituals In Panama | Michael Stone

According to reports, members of the Ngabé Buglé indigenous group “had been tied up and beaten with wooden cudgels and Bibles” in an effort to make the indigenous people convert and repent during the exorcism rituals.That’s right, these deranged Christians were literally bashing people with Bibles, killing them with Bibles.…

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One interesting quote on altruism in nanny states | Initium. Smelling Roses in the Kali-Yuga

“Big Sister does not want her peasants holding values that are incompatible with the Good Society. She will not tolerate adult behavior, or independent thought and action. Thus she hates religion, morality, political dissent of any kind (democracy is, again, intolerant of dissent, even in dress), and in particular she…

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