To “White” and Jewish Men Who Try to Insult Me but Then Want Me to Give A Shit About Them

Until your name is on any of my checks… Until your umbrella shades my decks… Until you’re someone I’d say “Proud to know you”… What the hell is it you feel that I owe you? I’m a woman, and that is not a Gods damned thing Unless I’m living in…

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The Gender Equality Paradox

A Norwegian documentary host explores the issue of gender, and how the Norwegian and other western public is being brainwashed to believe in anti scientific assertions about it.  A new mythology has been created that biology has absolutely no relevance in gender roles or sexual orientation, and that freedom individuals to choose is not as important as herding people so that all careers and occupations are 50:50.

Brainwash 1:7 – The Gender Equality Paradox from Harald Eia on Vimeo.

Brainwash 3:7 – Gay/straight from Harald Eia on Vimeo.