A New Site is Birthing: Maaternal.com

Maaternal.com Logo

I’ve begun work on a new website, Maaternal.com. I think it’s about time more people knew that afrocentric and Panafrican maternal feminists and Africana womanists exist. What gave me the inspiration to actually buy a domain and give this some focus is that most of the writing around it is…

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Purple Candles

our prayers may not go up to a god, or a goddess if you are like me kind of odd. our petitions may fall on nobody’s ears, maybe there’s no one who’s handling our fears. it may be that we are just wishfully hoping, and that our mystic dreams are…

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Loyalty Is Earned

That respect is earned is said often. What’s not said so often though, is that loyalty also has to be earned. Though it’s a good thing when people give each other basic human respect, and people who share common values, some degree of loyalty, it’s not a given. Especially in…

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