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Comment on ‘Tantura’ Documentary Reopens Debate About Israel’s Foundational Story – The New York Times

A lasting settlement with the Palestinians will only be possible, he said, if both sides recognize each other’s historical narratives. And in Israel’s case, this meant recognizing that while Arabs also committed atrocities in 1948, many Palestinians “got thrown out of here by force.”“Saying, ‘Yes, it happened,’ doesn’t mean that we don’t have a right…

Webmatron’s Notes on Say Goodbye To Macy Gray — She Outed Herself As A TERF – Maaternal

Now that you’ve said what you said, don’t start whining about cancel culture. You just cancelled a small but beloved chunk of your former fans. They get to cancel you back. Don’t start none, won’t be none. Source: Webmatron’s Notes on Say Goodbye To Macy Gray — She Outed Herself As A TERF – Maaternal

GRITS: My Alphabet People


[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc] Early in the dark hours of the morning, I made a post on that I was thinking of new words and letters. This is because lately, I’ve also been giving some thought to the context of transgression against oppression. Steven and I had some talks about various things many years ago,…

An Old Webmaster’s Tips For Fighting Racism on Quora Part 3 – Check and Report Downvote or Pass – K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher’s Posts

This is my last link to Quora until they solve their nazi spam problem. I’ve deleted all my content there, and left behind some tips for those who want to stay and fight. Because the cultural and professional demographic of the owners and managers of it tend to be hard headed and not learn from…

Midnight Musings : The Context of Your Alternative Matters

There are many things I’ve been trying to articulate lately. In an attempt to explain to people relatively new to reclaiming their ancestral spirituality, it has been a real trial to put to words what is wrong both with “traditionalists” who’ve been tainted by colonial influence, and for whom this was done because it was…

A New Site is Birthing: Logo

I’ve begun work on a new website, I think it’s about time more people knew that afrocentric and Panafrican maternal feminists and Africana womanists exist. What gave me the inspiration to actually buy a domain and give this some focus is that most of the writing around it is academic and it’s not being…

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