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IronWynch in Ceremony Thank you for your interest in investing in me. My tone may be more ’bout that  business on my other sites, but this is my personal site. If you’ve made it this far into my world, you understand that I appreciate all of my readers and supporters. So here, now that I’m feeling better and through most of the worst of my transformation, you can hire me to build you a site or edit your video captions. You can also send an offering or observance boost donation, get a reading, or get some neat stuff from Israel when I have things available.

All prices here are in U.S. Dollars.

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Website Building: All the Grunt Work

This deal is for people who are used to posting on social media, and know nothing about building a website. I will hold your hand all the way through. I will:

  • walk you through the process of buying a domain and hosting
  • install a WordPress powered site (not on’s platform) with whatever free plugins you need to give you the features you want and can handle
  • create a graphics bundle to personalize your site based on images you upload and your desired theme
  • and stock your site with a set of pages and links to make sure it represents you well, and leads back to your existing online ventures and social media.

All you will have to do is follow any instructions I give you in case you personally are needed to verify things, and when when it’s done, go in and post.

After that, you can pay me a monthly maintenance fee or only when I have to go in to adjust something.

Generally, most sites will take $2000 to get fully set up. It’s two weeks of work. After the initial setup, maintenance visits are $250 each visit, or $200 per month. If you break something, and I have to fix it, it will be $150 per hour. You can email me to negotiate based on your needs.

Already have a site? Learn how to promote it.

Caption Editing

Good captions are part of the difference between a professional looking video and some stuff someone just posted for fun. Even the fun ones can be reduced by bad captions. Your deaf and neurodivergent viewers deserve better. I will edit the closed captions/subtitles of your videos. You have to grant me access to edit them at your YouTube, Facebook, or other platform, or send me the file.

Email me with a link to the video to determine how much work we are talking about. Some videos take very little editing, and some need a lot. I generally charge $150 per hour of work.

Add to IronWynch’s Daily Observance

If you have an issue that would require sustained energy or you just want to be nice and add something to my practice, send a little to cover my incense and food offering expenses for a day. I use the good hand rolled African and Asian incense or mix my own. You can cover as many days as you like.

Daily Observance Boost: $10.00

Donate to the Next Ebbo

My ile hosts major ebbos throughout the year. Different ones focus on different deities, but all will lead to blessings. If you would like to donate, you can send through my Paypal link, or use the shopping cart here.

Standard Ebbo Donation: $50.00

If your offering is specifically due to a prosperity working I did that has gone well for you, feel free to multiply the offering to a sufficient amount to cover all deities involved.

Bone Readings

If you have something going on that you need advice of a spiritual sort about, or want to know what’s going on, order a bone reading.

Bone Reading: $50.00

Love Offerings

If you just want to send me stuff because you like me, then feel free to do so. To add more, just increase the number of “items”.

Love Offering: $25.00

Masked for Love

Thank you!

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