IronWynch’s Donation and Shopping Page

IronWynch in CeremonySend an offering or observance boost donation, get a reading, or get some neat stuff from Israel. All prices here are in U.S. Dollars.

Add to IronWynch’s Daily Observance

If you have an issue that would require sustained energy or you just want to be nice and add something to my practice, send a little to cover my incense and food offering expenses for a day. I use the good hand rolled African and Asian incense or mix my own. You can cover as many days as you like.

Daily Observance Boost: $10.00

Donate to the Next Ebbo

My ile hosts major ebbos throughout the year. Different ones focus on different deities, but all will lead to blessings. If you would like to donate, you can send through my Paypal link, or use the shopping cart here.

Standard Ebbo Donation: $50.00

If your offering is specifically due to a prosperity working I did that has gone well for you, feel free to multiply the offering to a sufficient amount to cover all deities involved.

Bone Readings

If you have something going on that you need advice of a spiritual sort about, or want to know what’s going on, order a bone reading.

Bone Reading: $50.00

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