Oh Crap

I just remembered that in our conversation about why I wasn’t going to do it again, I told him about Roissy telling me that I should shoot myself. I told him that I couldn’t go there anymore because I realized that the vast majority of guys in the west, view…

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Shanti R.I.P.

Purple Candles

I just found out last night that a friend (with benefits back when I didn’t know that “free love” meant guilt free use) of mine who “fell off the grid” after I woke up, didn’t go to India.  That was something he just told me so that I wouldn’t worry about…

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Just Sick

A couple of nights ago, Hannibal came to visit.  He staggered in and fell onto my bed looking like death warmed over.  Well, more than usual.  He normally looks like someone who would play some sort of demonic, horned, scythe weilding bad ass, if he were an actor.  His usual…

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