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[sc name="responsivevoice" ][/sc] i don’t need to make it better. don’t need to believe it will get better, or that everything will be alright, or that there was some purpose to it, that will be revealed later, once i have healed. i don’t need to hope, that once these raw wounds, have scabbed over, and…

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The Red Tent – Why Do I Have to Justify Wanting Space During My Period?

We’ve all heard the stories of the times long ago when women would be sequestered during menstruation.  When it was forced, this was of course a bad thing.  So those of us raised on second and third wave feminism were taught about women worked the fields on their periods, and sometimes gave birth while working,…

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A Case for Juggling Men (Having a Man-Harem, Keeping a Stable of Studs)

[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc] If you’re older, a single mom, or considered low status for some reason of ethnicity or appearance, then your options for finding a partner who will actually value you are limited.  Most people are sheep.  So in the absence of a commitment, you are a free agent, and Nature will not fault…