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Back in the Saddle

If it wasn’t clear enough from the line of poetry, I’m back in the saddle and rebuilding my stable.  I’m being more decisive about this since there is no compelling reason not to be.  One of the lessons I learned from being stuck with someone whose sex drive and just about every other drive runs…

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need your arms surround my body like a cage within them though i feel that i am freed of all the need for masks of terror drawn by dark necessities behind my eyes you do not ask that i reveal myself or that i open more than my big legs but leaning on my calf…

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finger to lips

better a promise remain unspoken than to be made and then be broken

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[sc name="responsivevoice" ][/sc] Today I finished clearing out my workshop for LE’s arrival.  I don’t know how long he’s going to be here this time, but it’ll probably be a couple of months.  This time I’ll see if he can come up to Tiberias with me and Diva every couple of weeks or so, instead…

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A Case for Juggling Men (Having a Man-Harem, Keeping a Stable of Studs)

[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc] If you’re older, a single mom, or considered low status for some reason of ethnicity or appearance, then your options for finding a partner who will actually value you are limited.  Most people are sheep.  So in the absence of a commitment, you are a free agent, and Nature will not fault…

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Dating Israeli Men

[sc name="responsivevoice" ][/sc] Over the past few months, my personal Mrs. Havisham, Diva, has been schooling me on Israeli men.  She explained NMS, and this helped me a lot.  Now, we’ve moved to practical dating advice, and I am having one of those, “Oh FUCK!” moments. I learned today that, for Israeli standards, I am…

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