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Hate to See a Grown Man Cry

Perhaps being part of an alpha male harem for now, is better than settling down with a beta. A man with NMS, being raised or programmed by women who constantly put sex in the context of victimhood, will interpret a woman giving him sex or wanting to have sex with him as rape, or a…

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The Rise Of “Straight Shaming”

[sc name="responsivevoice" ][/sc] Someone having a panic because he read something critical of his privilege wrote: It is not enough now to merely be a heterosexual and tolerate those who have different orientations. Now, to truly combat misogyny in the eyes of folks like Schwyzer, one must be fully open to participating in homosexual acts.…

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Post Genocidal Romance

The women, for a few generations after a genocide or ethno specific time of extreme oppression, may become misandrist as a collective vengeance against the men who could not protect them from the monsters. The men, who failed to protect them are classed as weak, in collusion with their oppressors, the oppressors themselves, useless fools…

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Bitches Be Crazy

At some point in my dating life in Israel, I noticed a pattern.  I’d meet a guy, and things would go well.  Eventually we’d end up in bed.  I could tell from the fact that I needed to explain to them that they didn’t need to punch me in the cunt or tear my nipples…

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Protected: Field Report Highlights of Dating in Klingon (Israel)

After taking some time to absorb the new wisdom from Diva, I tested some of it in the field.  I have been on dates with a variety of men, since then.  So that you understand my aesthetic with non African men, since my fetish is for Santa-likeness, I have developed the fantasy to imagine what…

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A Case for Juggling Men (Having a Man-Harem, Keeping a Stable of Studs)

[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc] If you’re older, a single mom, or considered low status for some reason of ethnicity or appearance, then your options for finding a partner who will actually value you are limited.  Most people are sheep.  So in the absence of a commitment, you are a free agent, and Nature will not fault…

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