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A Different Kind Of Revolution by Ciaran Healy – YouTube

A Different Kind Of Revolution by Ciaran Healy – YouTube.

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Simple Arithmetic: A Police Officer is More Likely to Kill You Than a Black Person

If there are around 77,400,000 African Americans (going by the “one drop” rule, and maybe under 8 million who are “just African”), and 1,100,000 police officers, and each group kills roughly the same number of European Amercians per year, then who is more likely to kill you? I’ll make it even more relevant…police make over…

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Year 12: Well, I Tried

Yesterday was Shai and my 12th anniversary.  We went to the Bear Pub, and ate and drank well.  The Bear is one of maybe only four places in the Carmel center where you can do both of those. We did some reminiscing, and some talking.  I’m sorry to say though, that I haven’t successfully convinced him…