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Mother’s Day Strike 2022

Forced breeding = slavery. The information leaked to POLITICO on May the 2nd with regards to the overturning of Roe V Wade was not the opening salvo of the war on everyone who has/had a uterus, but rather the death knell of an era in which the war had remained relatively underground. Source: Mother’s Day…

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For Those Seeking or in Flight: Black Trans*feminist Nihilism

Indeed, Patterson himself disavows this application of social death to Black people post-emancipation and states his reasons for doing so, collectively referencing the various ways in which Black people have ostensibly been folded into civil society. But this itself invokes a conflation between the distilled social death and an analysis of slavery’s transformation throughout time,…

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Charting the Course of an Atlantic Slave War with Dr. Vincent Brown. 2021 Bancroft Lecture/USNA – YouTube

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SINOr69cxk[/embed] Professor Vincent Brown brings a different perspective of slave revolts: the idea of slavery as warfare in the context of colonialism.