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Blog: Diva Was Right. Classically Masculine People/Men Do Need To Be Nearly Hand Fed. Also, I’ve Realized My Secret Passion is Marketing.

Starts in Her Hair, Inspired by Goddess Supaqueen of Water Witch Creations

Okay, first things first, even though they are grown ass adults and shouldn’t need someone to hold their hand and make them eat nutritious food, nature doesn’t care about shoulds. Whether it’s because they’re socialized that way or not, or whether that socialization is because of patriarchy/hegemonic masculinity or super secret sisterhood power dynamics fostering…

Loyalty Is Earned

[sc name="responsivevoice" ]That respect is earned is said often. What’s not said so often though, is that loyalty also has to be earned. Though it’s a good thing when people give each other basic human respect, and people who share common values, some degree of loyalty, it’s not a given. Especially in these days when…

My Truest knight: What I Learned About Dating a Younger Man

On September 1, 2018 a bit of sunshine left this Earth. He was affectionately known by myself and some others in the BDSM community as knight. There may be many across the internet with knight in their usernames, but this is THE knight. Once someone encountered him anywhere, nobody else quite lived up to the…

I’m not obligated to love you. « Random Xpat Rantings

Being loveable is a skill. People with little experience of being loved want and perhaps even NEED to downplay that fact. Being loveable is a skill. Nobody deserves love. We are not newborn babies and I’m not some mothers nipple. We earn it, through our actions. By adding value. By being happy and sharing happiness.…

Are Witches Dateable? – YouTube

Vesponse: Are Witches Dateable? – YouTube. [embed][/embed] This is my video response to Spiritree41’s question.  She asked if witches are dateable, or if it’s just not in our destiny to have relationships these days.

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