The Rise Of “Straight Shaming”

Someone having a panic because he read something critical of his privilege wrote:

It is not enough now to merely be a heterosexual and tolerate those who have different orientations. Now, to truly combat misogyny in the eyes of folks like Schwyzer, one must be fully open to participating in homosexual acts.

If you are a heterosexual male uncomfortable with the idea of partaking in a homosexual act, you are…

a) promoting the perpetuation of a misogynistic culture

b) showing that you’re not comfortable in your own sexuality

c) promoting homophobia (which is now, apparently, also analogous to woman-hate)

Going by this logic, any male who is not open to participating in a homosexual act is now presumed to be insecure and, therefore, deemed secretly gay or bi.

Males who are open to those acts are deemed tolerant and worthy combatants against sexism and misogyny. Their open performance of these acts also essentially renders them gay or bi, just like their less “open” peers.

Meanwhile, the actual homosexuals (gay and bi men) are still as they always were.

Where does this logic leave us, then?


via The Rise Of “Straight Shaming”.

So it’s not just me.  I’m catching a little hell from a Domme about my pegging article, who thinks I’m trying to say that there’s something morally wrong with pegging.  What I’m actually saying is that I, as a mostly heterosexual woman, do not like it, nor do most.  I prefer dominant men who don’t need me to play around with their poop, and if at all, at least not at a level above a finger or two for prostate stimulation.

Pegging is something else entirely, and involves the use of what is essentially a prosthetic penis, or a large penis thrusting in and out of the anus, as opposed to wiggling to reach a target.  If an amputee’s partner prefers they wear their prosthetic arm or leg during sex, it is clear their partner wishes they had their limb still attached.  If a woman’s partner prefers she be wearing a prosthetic penis, then it’s just as clear that he wishes she has a penis.  Otherwise, she would just be using her fingers or a small specially angled dildo in her hand.

If the body matters, and the body needs to be a male body, then it matters that the body isn’t actually male…and sooner or later, that is going to matter enough that her being female with a prosthetic won’t be enough.

Whether or not the guy himself is homosexual, the activity certainly is meant to mimic homosexual sex.

Update May 2022: This is yet another article I wrote before my clean break with the “white” masking as multikult manosphere. When I discuss men and manhood now, I center African/Black and sometimes Jewish manhood when appropriate, and own my bias in the context of egalitarian Maaternal Womanism.

I now understand that “straight shaming” is not really as big a thing in the west as some butt hurt “white” conservative men make it out to be. There are only a few people promoting the idea of all men/masculine people needing to experience, much less enjoy anal penetration, and none of them are what one could call academically credible. They were just overhyped by those so used to privilege that any and all criticism of their status or the myths it’s based on is the end of the world to them. So like African American “hoteps” using historical oppression to justify their nonsense, some of the feminist and LGBTQ+ version express reactive xenophobia. A reaction to something is not and is usually not as bad as the something unless or until it can gain enough political and social pull to be a real threat. So the “straight shaming” thing is kind of like the “skinny shaming” thing. Yes, it can be individually damaging, but it is not a widespread or deep enough issue that it requires more than therapy for the few individuals traumatized by the scarce few who would inflict it.

Like my understanding that my ex boyfriend was gaslighting was all it took for me to put the idea that he might be right completely to rest. I do not see anyone I would take seriously, telling me I was wrong for not attempting to save that relationship, and should have accepted one-way sex forever.

The Medea mother issue is a much bigger one than this. However, I don’t see most of supposed men’s rights activists complaining about this or other real and pervasive problems arising from fractured femininity. Elvind Berge is the only one I’ve ever seen really look into this and how the damage done to femininity by the overly rigid patriarchy (aided by women in a faustian deal) has affected men and manhood. He just wants a piece of the freedom too, and I think one day someone will approach masculine sexuality honestly. He’s ahead of his time in this. Even where we disagree, it is at least obvious that he is looking at all the facts.

So “straight shaming” is bad, but it’s not as widespread as misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia. It is also seldom, if ever, fatal to the one on the receiving end. So it needs to be prioritized accordingly.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.


  1. [m] You are not being consequent. What is the difference between small dildo, and big dildo? The size of dildo depends on ones anatomy, and sensibility of nerves, etc. The core point of pegging is that it is a woman penetrating man, not man just being penetrated. And what is sexy in woman with strap-on is the dichotomy, the fact that she is a woman is crucial. She does not mimic man. It is also a question of aesthetics. She is not better wearing a cock, she is just different. I do love her body and she is the most beautiful being I have ever known, I would not change in her even one thing. In moments when we peg a we need to have a toy to be able to do that obviously, and we both prefer her to make love to me wearing something handsomely looking. And in my opinion the fact that I can say that a dildo looks nice doesn’t mean I am gay any more than her commenting nice boobs on an actress makes her lesbian. As she said the cock is an element of a body (a tool) not a core of masculinity. In my view the cock when becomes part of Her does not affect her womanhood and starts being sexy. Whereas if it would be attached to a man it would be asexual for me. I can possibly say if the actor on a photo looks OK, but there is nothing arousing, and for me it is complete mystery what she means when saying my ass is sexy. I think the most asexual thing on the planet is a man’s ass. Many people overestimate the meaning of cock in terms of masculinity I guess.
    As for the reasons we do peg, we wrote about it earlier in other comments.
    I am really sorry you had bad experiences with your partners. But by generalizing you are hurting other people. There are various characters, but the fact you had 3 such accidents, maybe means you were making a mistake when choosing them? People tend to repeat them over and over. It is obvious there are bisexuals and closet gays among fans of pegging, but they are I guess the same percentage as in other types of sex. I imagine it is easier to find even a discreet male partner than a woman who likes pegging. Besides bisexuals I would imagine like sex with both males and females. So sex with woman would not really do the trick I guess.
    The reasons for doing one thing can be so multiple as there are people doing it. For example for us a turn on in pegging is only between us. I would not look at any other woman in this way. It is also the most intimate thing we have never shared and done with anyone else before. It is an expression of my trust to her, when I feel her inside I am so much her own. And it is incredible that I can just for once be more focused on my emotions when making love instead focusing on giving her pleasure. The knowledge she loves to see how good she gives it to me is also great. Other people have probably different reasons.
    Would “regular” anal sex still be a homosexual kind-of act? Also it is said not even half of gay community is into anal sex.
    Finally it is really all about happiness, if both people are comfortable and find pleasure in doing something than they have reached their goal. I learned in life there is no such thing as regular, normal sex, or the definition is so wide it is hard to write it down.

  2. I dont know why your dom thinks that, it was VERY clear to me you found nothing morally wrong with pegging or being gay, rather you stated coercing women into acts they don’t want was immoral, using women as a beard is immoral, denying oneself an honest life is harmful.

    The reality is that men who want to stuff their ass fill of dick were simply peeved to hear the FACT that many women do NOT consider the act very macho and it reeks of homoeroticism. These men are fucking narcissistic as shit to think a woman should regard him as a straight alpha man when hes getting his ass gaped by females.

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