September 2015

September 2015

“I was born a poor Black child “

No really, I was.  At some point in my childhood though, my formerly Black militant, freedom loving parents found Jesus, and later found themselves comfortably yuppie.

I never quite got over that, and this caused a lot of problems for me growing up.  I lived between two worlds, one of roots, Obeah, and Vodun, and the other of an insane brand of Christianity that even makes many since-the-Byzantines Catholics here wince at the level of inhumanity.  One day though, I did grow up, forgave them and myself, and proceeded to have a life.  To kick it off, I joined the U.S. Navy for an enlistment, and learned what I didn’t want to do with my life.

I’ve had two wonderful albeit incompatible for lifelong “romance” husbands.  The first of them gave me the light of my existence: my daughter. The second is, as it turns out, a sex positive Ace (asexual). We are in an open relationship meaning he is still the love of my life forever and ever. We just don’t shag. This job is outsourced. I also have another platonic love of my life, known in the blog as Diva.

At the moment, I live in Haifa, the most beautiful city in Israel.  It’s difficult in some ways, to be a non Jew and not even Arab here, but I can’t say it’s more difficult than being an African American woman in the U.S.  I can get an urge for ice cream at 3am, go out and get some, and make it home safely.  Little chance of getting jumped so long as one stays in lighted areas, with random 19 year old dudes packing assault rifles hanging out. I have been in some fights (6 in self defense+3 defending someone else) here with men who overstepped, but here I’m not likely to be arrested or killed for defending myself or someone else. It’s not perfect, but I’m not a walking target for the authorities as much as the States. Here, if someone is a stupid racist of the violent level, they are rightly viewed as a psycho and deserve whatever payback they get. This is one thing I like about being here.

If only the strapped bad asses back home were so dedicated to the freedom to get a pack of cigarettes unmolested.

I live with my daughter and my platonic husband, which some people find strange.  I think it’s the best way for people who love each other though.  Life happens.  People get old.  People get sick.  People get tired of shagging each other.  Why break up a family because mom and dad aren’t screwing each other anymore?  Seems petty to me.

I work at home as a webmaster.  From time to time I do special catering.  I braid hair as it comes.  I’m also the king of an African diaspora Vodun ile. Feel free to send money for offerings to the deities or to assist with expenses.

Oh, and here’s a full body photo of me from 2018:

IronWynchI still look basically the same except for knee surgery scars. As of June 2019, I am indeed IronWynch. My right knee has been replaced. The next one is due to be replaced in 2020.

blame your parentsMy blog is about my life and things I observe and think about.  If you’d like to comment, feel free.  I only ask that comments be civil and not spam.  It’s okay to disagree, or argue, but at the point you tell anyone who hasn’t killed, raped, or committed some sort of gross atrocity against mankind that they should shoot themselves, or deserve to die in ways that wouldn’t normally result from their actions, you’ve crossed the line into Psychoticville, and your posts will start being moderated beyond the initial one.

So it’s okay to tell someone slutting it up with legit monogamously married men behind the wife’s back that you hope the wife stabs them in the eye with a curb whittled broomstick.  It is not okay to tell someone they should be taken out back and shot because they don’t think you’re as hot as Blair Underwood.

It’s not that I worry someone might actually kill themselves or someone else over it.  It’s just that such outbursts are usually sheeple poo, and these things trigger my own annihilation fantasies.  I’m trying not to be the great great grandmother of the person who says “fuck it” and nukes you all to kingdom come or worse, keeps you alive so he or she can enjoy herding you into IQ and nazi test score based ghettoes using sonic force shields.

Thank you 🙂




  1. Haifa? The Bahai Headquarters is there. How are they received by the locals?

  2. Nice brain you got there. Also nice to read some honest material from a woman. Very useful for my own personal development

  3. Hi, IronWytch! I have promoted your interesting blog a little. Thanks! http://haifa.international/?p=718

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