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Updated Cartoon IronWynch Bonfire

Please help me get an electric tricycle by buying a t-shirt. 🙂 Grab your limited edition Updated Cartoon IronWynch merchandise before the campaign closes. Featuring Dark Heather Grey Premium Unisex Tees, professionally printed in the USA. Source: Updated Cartoon IronWynch | Bonfire

Critics aren’t sold on latest AI doomsday warning | Popular Science

“There’s a very common misconception, even in the AI community, that there only are a handful of doomers. But, in fact, many people privately would express concerns about these things,” added Hendrycks.But critics remain wary of both the motivations behind such public statements, as well as their feasibility.“Don’t be fooled: it’s self-serving hype disguised as…

“Jelly” Canvas Print for Sale by nefertaueret | Redbubble

This Jelly

This is a digital drawing I did after looking at some videos and renderings of jellyfish. It reminded me of all the blessings we have from the waters, and why it is important to protect them. • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. Find your thing. Source: “Jelly” Canvas Print for Sale by nefertaueret…

Future of Work Summit 2023

The future of work is no longer an abstract concept but is rapidly becoming the reality of today. With the pandemic and digitalisation, many industries have been forced to adapt and transform their way of working. Now that the future of work is here, are organisations ready? This inaugural summit acts as a platform for…