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me Thank you for your interest in investing in me. My tone may be more ’bout that  business on my other sites, but this is my personal site. If you’ve made it this far into my world, you understand that I appreciate all of my readers and supporters.

If you would like to order a bone or tarot, reading, send $50 U.S. to my Paypal at:


For domains and hosting, click here.. To get managed domain and hosting, or get hosted at one of my domains, contact me. I am happy to assist fellow artists and activists who need cover or web promotion. We’ll work out a rate that is affordable and a plan that is accessible according to your ability and skill level.

If you’d like to hire me to do some writing, art, transcription, site building or editing, my general rate is $150 per hour, but some projects are a package deal.

Contact me!

Thank you!

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  • You’ve read the article, now get the t-shirt! :-D