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2023/11/18 09:29

Okay, I'm about to get suddenly really personal here, but I have to ask because this is confusing the heck out of me. I started getting treated for my PTSD, and was put on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds. It seemed to help for awhile, but after 3 months, things have become exponentially worse. It's like every bad memory I'd managed to assimilate and make peace with is coming back to the front. Is this normal?

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2023/10/07 16:36

Hey everyone 🙂 I'm alive. Most of the activity is in the center and south so far. I'm in the north in Haifa. There was a rocket hit about a block away from some of my loved ones though. Once again, we are the meat in the politicians' grinding machine.

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2023/07/17 22:28

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2023/07/15 06:53

Funny sidenote and coming up for a little air from the work cave since I'm shifting, my mom has now also reached the yarn and pegboard phase about the Jesus vs. Yeshua thing. It's hilarious!

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2023/07/10 13:18

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2023/07/10 12:34

:: coming up for air after some time in the work cave :: Crap the sun is bright! :: blinking ::

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2023/06/02 11:37

My sensitive stomach has made me like stuff like sliced bananas on corn puff cakes y'all.

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2023/06/01 12:27

Today I learned that I have
I've been having back pain for the past couple of months for the first time in my life. Not sure, but I think the bit of sadness and grief after the whole Efe coming out as a believer in Alex Jones's Gay frogs nonsense led to an inflammatory episode. So stuff that wasn't as big a problem before developed.
Lesson: don't let anyone get deep enough to knock me off my square until after thorough vetting for potential normie weakness.

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2023/05/23 07:29

I think I've reached the red yarn pegboard phase with my family. They think I'm overreacting to the coming tsunami of crap that is on the internet horizon. They don't quite get how the algorithms make you think you're being seen but ignored by tailoring feeds in a way that you and frequent followers can find you but anyone coming from outside that circle can't.
BTW is there an aware Yeshua following or Gnostic PeerTube out there?

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2023/05/21 18:14

CRISPR sausage gets FDA green light for consumption – Big Think

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2023/05/20 18:13

I participated in the system. I know what's in it. I am not going to pretend it was always beneficial for me or that everything about it is okay, or that it is possible to be 100% benevolent while doing one's best within it.

Not going to happen.

I was and in some ways still am a shill to survive. I did and still do in some ways comply because I must to survive.

But I will not enjoy it or pretend to.

And I will not consider anyone worth keeping around who says I must.


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2023/05/20 18:09

I am a witch.

At least by western standards anyway.

This side of the Atlantic, I'm considered a kindly middle aged sweet woman because I don't slap people for verbal insults. I wait at least until there's a threatening gesture.

Oh and spiritually, as of September 2022, I'm a "traditional healer".

Anyway, "nice" at least by western standards, is not something you should expect from me.

I strive to be kind. I strive to be inclusive and just. That isn't always going to mean pleasant. 1/2

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2023/05/19 10:14

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2023/05/19 06:36

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2023/05/14 02:46

As some of you may already know, I am a not card carrying semi vegetarian, meaning I eat meat occasionally and use some animal products but am not like a huge carnivore. Probably like most women in their 50's with a sensitive tummy. Anyway, I tried replacing ground beef in an American style bolognese with
It was horrible.
I don't know what tomatoes do to the protein but it is nothing good.
I tried it so you don't have to. Think curds of burnt plastic.

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2023/05/11 19:41

I Got Silenced in the Google I/O Chat – Developer Keynote (Google I/O ’23)

I Got Silenced in the Google IO Chat
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2023/05/11 18:56

‘Stack Overflow is ChatGPT Casualty’ – Slashdot

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2023/05/11 02:57

In a crisis someone's real values come out, but also in a stagnation. Someone with unfulfilled desires, stewing and milling in those inside a tank they can't escape will do things to a person's mind. Politicians know this, and this is why we are where we are today.

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2023/05/11 02:49

One could say that roots kids and the longtermer kids had a kind of uneasy alliance until the tech bubble burst of the 90's. Up until then I think as a generation, we were all on more freedom even if some weren't completely sold on socialism. We were all sure we did not want forced birth and cops in schools. But then the security that if you got a degree in something computers, you would be rich or close, went away.

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2023/05/11 02:31

As kids in the 80's, many if not most of us were made to watch those movies to scare us into staying on the program. It was pretty crazy. A lot of those kids who went through evangelical indoctrination are in government now. Worse, some who went through that an escaped went benevolent and just wanted to get folks back to their roots while others went the way of western occultism of the Blavatsky flavor, and if wealthy enough, eugenics and long termism.

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2023/05/11 02:26

I encourage anyone who doesn't understand what the "Christian" authoritarians are trying to bring about, watch a series of "Christian" propaganda films called _Thief In the Night_. When you do, you'll understand that they are attempting to politically force a situation of alienation. They want the whole tribulation scenario, and since no rapture is coming, they'll suffice with the political us vs. them in which someone will rise up as the savior for the millenium phase.

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2023/05/09 23:07

Human sacrifice in iron age Britain. Whenever you see a hate campaign waged by westerners who are politically or economically neocolonialist, racist, and homophobic, there is very likely a spiritual side to it as well. Learn how it was done in the past so you understand the twisted contingent of reclaimers trying to rig a sociopolitical workaround.
Pagans need to detect and purge these folks from our ranks.

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2023/05/07 20:01

Lately, a lot of people are getting headaches and dreaming of suffering cats. Aside of it being Mercury retrograde and communication being wonky, and season changes with the weather being wonky too, this is a time of year some messed up people do messed up things. I try not to judge but just take things as is, please look in on your furry friends, especially the black and dark tortie ones. Make sure they have a place to hide that is not human accessible.

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2023/05/06 05:40

As it is, I understand someday I'm going to have to do the whole bringing them over on humanitarian grounds thing because there's no way in hell I will be okay with them being old and vulnerable in the U.S. if it can be avoided. I hope by then one would still be able to do that here. I'm planning for this even though they would have been, "Well, the wages of sin is death..." had I not come back. I'm doing this for me, not for them.

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2023/05/06 05:34

If I could get just some indication that their supposed embracing of the Jewish Yeshua came with real Jewish esoteric, even somewhat apocalyptic speculation values, I might consider them real family. Like on the same team family. Like people I don't just tolerate and respect because of my own beliefs around honoring past and future ancestors. Like actually in the role of nurturers and protectors, albeit a bit late.

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2023/05/06 05:27

On a very personal note, though I try my best to recognize my parents' progress in becoming followers of Yeshua instead of the Roman Christos thoughtform, I won't consider them fully recovered until I hear them make a sincere and clean break from christofascist politics. I know them. I know who they were before the cults. They know I know. I'd almost settle for an, "I'm glad you came back from the jaws of death during your miscarriage."

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2023/05/04 06:19

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2023/05/03 03:15

First draft of a freedom for EVERYONE in this region they call the middle east. It's basically the knot of Auset unrestricted instead of tight and straight.

First draft of Auset Unrestricted symbol
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2023/05/02 01:26

Comparing Physician and Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Responses to Patient Questions Posted to a Public Social Media Forum | Health Informatics | JAMA Internal Medicine | JAMA Network

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2023/04/30 06:35

Hackers swap stealth for realistic checkout forms to steal credit cards

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2023/04/28 23:22

Some interesting
Morty becomes the algorithm:

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2023/04/28 21:48

@NoahH :: grabbing some popcorn and waiting to see what happens now it's out in the open and folks will know we aren't so crazy ::

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2023/04/28 20:50

A.I. and Stochastic Parrots | FACTUALLY with Emily Bender and Timnit Gebru

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2023/04/23 19:31

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2023/04/20 00:35

Microsoft drops Twitter from its advertising platform | Mashable

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2023/04/19 09:52

Star Trek Explained
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2023/04/18 23:16

Starfleet Lawyer
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2023/04/17 16:27

Google Ad Leads To SectopRAT :: Reverse Engineering and Analysis — Reverse Engineering and Analysis

Google Ad Leads To SectopRAT
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2023/04/15 12:33

The binary based on external genitalia has historically been forced on the enslaved. It is a way of sorting property, not persons. Asking for mercy in a system that treats persons as property is not going to work unless or until that state has clear rules about the difference between property and persons. While fighting for Trans rights, let's not forget the human rights side of this. Sometimes we are playing whack-a-mole with laws that can only be proposed because of a core problem.

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2023/04/15 01:14

Mayotte leaders held a meating against the French planned ethnic cleansing operation

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2023/04/13 15:21

It worked! 😃

A screenshot of my TootPress toots page on Ferrous Scrolls.
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2023/04/13 15:11

Testing my TootPress, fingers crossed.

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2023/04/13 01:04

NOT-OD-23-073: Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Administrative Supplements to Enhance Software Tools for Open Science

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2023/04/12 19:56

hold on there
hold on tight
stay with me
stay in sight
this is all
but not for naught
we are together
are we not
if all their is
is all there is
adherence is
the is of is
and if below
is as above
there is just love
only love

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2023/04/12 19:52


the ecstasy
the peak sensation
feels like ascension
above your station
a dragon chaste
beyond desire
eternal fire
it is a liar
one cannot go
above beyond
to edge or end
solely abscond
a lonely grain
of lowly size
stretch past all else
to seize the prize
all flow within
the mass of matter
all break the same
all glasses shatter
though shards may vary
in relative sharpness
all meet the same
same light same darkness
all flowing to
a spiraling edge
all falling through
myriad ledge

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2023/04/12 18:27

Saltwater, loosely based on water and salt molecules squishing among one another.
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2023/04/11 07:19

Twitter Inc. has been merged with X Corp. and “no longer exists,” Elon Musk’s company says in a court filing.

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2023/04/11 06:01

This is Raptor, a something I wrote back when I dreamed of making music for video games.

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2023/04/11 04:44

Damn. So much free mental space from lack of algorithm concerns that I'm thinking of firing up the new MODPlug Tracker and making some music.

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