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2023/04/10 01:13

Saudi delegation arrives in Yemen to discuss truce — reports – DW – 04/09/2023

Saudi delegation arrives in Yemen to discuss truce
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2023/04/07 20:26

Massive Balada Injector campaign attacking WordPress sites since 2017

Balada Injector campaign
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2023/04/07 00:35

Unholy FUCK! I mean, it's not surprising, but the shamelessness of it all is...DAMN!

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2023/04/07 00:25

So many things I'm going to start doing again now that I'm not draining my energy scrounging for visibility on big social. I need to get new polymer clay and forage a bit before everything is too dried up from heat.

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2023/04/06 02:54

I'm starting to get this eye twitch when I see people who could afford to, making no effort whatsoever, to carve something like an independent space on this net, much less maybe help others to. It's too familiar, like when people want you to not rock the boat too much or not be too loud, and when condemning you didn't work, they send someone "successful" to reel you back in and keep you invested in a way that is screwing you.

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2023/04/06 02:45

I do realize that my little rant is the intense but rather soft ballet shoed stompings of a relative princess. This takes the edge off a bit. Awareness means I will not let folks who actually need me flap in the wind. I'm just done fighting the tide of algorithm addicts when there's so many folks with agency I could be focusing on.
I learned what was possible out here in the Fediverse. I see people actually doing stuff. So for me, birdchan isn't the only migration. I'm done with anychans.

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2023/04/05 23:09

I think what shook me awake was watching someone who'd recently been sexually assaulted agonize over doing their scheduled live stream.

What kind of internet is this?

Why do people feel like they have to endure violence and then get up like nothing happened? She doesn't owe us that. Where did she get the idea she owes us that?

Where did I get the idea that I owe this fucking world my labor through all I've been through?



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2023/04/05 23:05

I think I'm gonna just


Not that anyone would notice.

It'll be years before anyone realizes that the reason their engagement has dropped is because topic oriented webmasters have run out of excuses to keep maintaining anything that isn't personal, friends/family, or bringing an income.

I can just enjoy someone's content and not feel compelled to share it to get more viewers.

I can just stop.

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2023/04/05 23:00

After giving it some time to see what would happen, I've come to face the harsh reality that what I do aside of readings and rootwork isn't really valued enough to bring an income anymore. The time people appreciated promotion in any way that isn't attached to a centralized social media algorithm is past. People have become so dependent on social media that if they bother building a site at all, they're not checking who links to them.

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2023/04/05 22:28

AI is BS
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2023/04/04 17:50

Israel advances national guard force for right-wing minister

Just the text is next
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2023/04/04 02:54

Making Mac And Cheese
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2023/04/03 14:45

I'm about to go live in a bit making some macaroni and cheese.

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2023/04/03 10:05

The Future is a Dead Mall – Decentraland and the Metaverse

I spent three months living in the metaverse and now I'm starving
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2023/04/01 00:21

Thousands of posts around January 6 riots go missing from Facebook transparency tool – POLITICO

Thousands of posts around January 6 riots go missing from Facebook transparency tool
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2023/03/30 16:34

I'm also me and live right now. You can try on the blog, but if that's not working, join the Zoom if you like.

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2023/03/30 16:28

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2023/03/29 15:12

Video shows guards walking away during fire that killed 38 migrants near US-Mexico border

Video shows guards walking away during fire that killed 38 migrants near US-Mexico border
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2023/03/28 18:31

David Meaders Smushed Double Face Jug Green 11.25″ Cleveland Georgia Pottery | eBay

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2023/03/28 04:46

Israeli commandos protest judiciary overhaul
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2023/03/27 11:42

Protest-hit Israel faces ‘general strike’ call over govt reforms

Power to the people!
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2023/03/26 16:18

Could Chat GPT Talk to Whales?
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2023/03/26 05:40

Götz of the Iron Hand – Cyborg Knight Prosthetics – Extra History

Götz of the Iron Hand
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2023/03/25 07:37

Internet Archive
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2023/03/24 09:00

Is there a way to pay content creators whose work is used to train AI? Yes, but it’s not foolproof

Is there a way to pay content creators whose work is used to train AI?
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2023/03/23 10:54

Are Floating Solar Panels the Future of Clean Energy Production? | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine

Floating Solar Panels
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2023/03/23 08:40

Needed to cheer up this morning. 🙂

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2023/03/22 14:07

Windows 11 Snipping Tool privacy bug exposes cropped image content

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2023/03/22 12:19

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2023/03/21 16:50

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2023/03/21 05:49

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