Windows 11 Snipping Tool privacy bug exposes cropped image content

A severe privacy flaw named ‘acropalypse’ has also been found to affect the Windows Snipping Tool, allowing people to partially recover content that was edited out of an image.Last week, security researchers David Buchanan and Simon Aarons discovered that a bug in Google Pixel’s Markup Tool caused the original image data to be retained even if it was edited or cropped out.This flaw poses a significant privacy concern as if a user shares a picture, such as a credit card with a redacted number or revealing photos with the face removed, it may be possible to partially recover the original photo.To illustrate this bug, the researchers launched an online acropalypse screenshot recovery utility that would attempt to recover edited images created on Google Pixel.

Source: Windows 11 Snipping Tool privacy bug exposes cropped image content


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