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Bots run rampant on social media, and most people can’t tell the difference
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Comment: Bots run rampant on social media, and most people can’t tell the difference – Study Finds

Scientists from Copenhagen Business School conducted an experiment in which 375 participants were asked to differentiate between real and fake social media profiles. The fake accounts were created and maintained by some of the latest AI technology. The ensuing results were eye-opening. Subjects largely could not tell the difference between artificially generated fake Twitter accounts…

By rethinking the role of unused space around public swimming pools, councils can make a significant reduction to outgoings, and make sure valued services can continue to operate.
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Data centres can keep leisure centres afloat, saving authorities thousands – EnvironmentJournal

Exmouth Leisure Centre in Devon is now using a computer data centre, roughly the size of an average domestic washing machine, to keep its swimming pool heated. Hardware inside the box is surrounded by oil, which helps capture what would be waste energy in the form of heat, helping the water maintain a temperature of…

The TERF AI App That Uses Modern Pseudoscience
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The TERF AI App That Uses Modern Pseudoscience

[embed][/embed] What happens when capitalism, AI, and gender-critical transphobia meet? You get a TERF app. And it’s… also racist?

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How the first chatbot predicted the dangers of AI more than 50 years ago

From ELIZA onwards, humans love their digital reflections. In 1966, MIT computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum released ELIZA (named after the fictional Eliza Doolittle from George Bernard Shaw’s 1913 play Pygmalion), the first program that allowed some kind of plausible conversation between humans and machines. The process was simple: Modeled after the Rogerian style of psychotherapy,…

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12ft | It’s time to take back control of what we read on the internet – The Atlantic

Introducing a quarter-century-old technology as if it were novel might seem a little strange. But despite the syndication format’s cult following, most internet users have never heard of it. That’s unfortunate, because RSS provides everyday internet users with an easy way to organize all of their online-content consumption—news media, blogs, YouTube channels, even search results…

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SEO vs. HIO – Search Engine Optimization vs. Human Interaction Optimization or How to Help Me List You

[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc] This is a guide for webmasters for how to help people like me, who curate links, to list your site well. The basics are somewhat similar to SEO, but there are a few differences. Who We Are We are the people who have topic based blogs and websites about a particular field…

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