‘Stack Overflow is ChatGPT Casualty’ – Slashdot

Snippet of the best comment, by squiggleslash:

Lots of computer scientists going into the ethics side of LMs at the moment, but nobody seems to care that the entire model is not only fraudulent and bad (Google and OpenAI are building systems designed to produce text that look like answers, not actually provide answers, accuracy is a secondary priority and is solely a priority at all to make sure people use the system), but completely unsustainable. Search Engines are sustainable because people want their websites to be found. Websites that allow users to post questions and others to answer them are sustainable because people like helping people.LMs are parasites, but they’re not even neutral parasites, they not only kill their hosts, but kill them before they have a new host to jump to. They’re the type that ultimately goes extinct.LMs will die, but they’ll die because they’ve taken down the web. And we’ll have to rebuild everything.

Source: ‘Stack Overflow is ChatGPT Casualty’ – Slashdot


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