What Are Mastodon and Post Like? Examining Twitter Alternatives

Blocked Nazis and Boring Billionaires: What It’s Really Like on Mastodon and Post by Gwen Snyder (Jezebel)

An antifascist researcher gets the vibe of each Twitter alternative, just in time for Elon Musk to make another terrible decision.

Nazis, manosphere weirdos, dirtbag “left” trolls, ambiguous terms of service, cakes that look like people…For all its utility, Twitter has never not been a hell site. Under Elon Musk, though, things are getting undeniably worse. Seemingly every day, a new Nazi gets his account back, even as Musk issues orders to suspend accounts working to hold Nazis accountable. Newly lax restrictions on covid disinformation mean our feeds are once again flooded with anti-vaxx conspiracy theories. Crypto spam worsens by the hour. And just when it seems like the Mad King of Twitter has slowed his roll on implementing bad policies, he pulls out a new horror. The latest travesty: the reinstatement of Hitler-loving far right troll Nick Fuentes.As the website degrades—not just culturally but infrastructurally—those of us who have made it our internet home find ourselves faced with a difficult dilemma: Where do we go?

Source: What Are Mastodon and Post Like? Examining Twitter Alternatives


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