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How to add a Mastodon sharing button - Example of an instance pop-up that happens after they click the button or icon.
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Kyle Reddoch Teaches You How to Add a Mastodon Sharing Button to Your Site

How to Add a Mastodon Share Button to Your Website by Kyle Reddoch (

Learn how to add a Mastodon share button to your website using a little bit of HTML and JavaScript.

In this post, I will show you how I created a Mastodon share button for this website using a little bit of HTML and Javascript. Source: How to Add a Mastodon Share Button to Your Website | Kyle Reddoch

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Adding comments to your static blog with Mastodon

Adding comments to your static blog with Mastodon (

One of the biggest disadvantages of static site generators is that they are static and can’t include comments.There are multiples solutions to solve this problem. You could add a third party blog engine like Disqus, but this has the drawback of including a third-party tool with a bad privacy record in your website. Another solution would be to host an open-source alternative but this comes at the cost of a higher maintenance burden.

Having to host a database was something we wanted to avoid with a static site generator.In my opinion, a better solution is to leverage the Mastodon and Fediverse platform. Mastodon is a decentralized social network and it allows people to communicate with each other without being on the same server. It is inspired by Twitter,…

Alternatives to BirdChan
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What Are Mastodon and Post Like? Examining Twitter Alternatives

Blocked Nazis and Boring Billionaires: What It’s Really Like on Mastodon and Post by Gwen Snyder (Jezebel)

An antifascist researcher gets the vibe of each Twitter alternative, just in time for Elon Musk to make another terrible decision.

Nazis, manosphere weirdos, dirtbag “left” trolls, ambiguous terms of service, cakes that look like people…For all its utility, Twitter has never not been a hell site. Under Elon Musk, though, things are getting undeniably worse. Seemingly every day, a new Nazi gets his account back, even as Musk issues orders to suspend accounts working to…

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Someone Is Trying to Break Mastodon By Attacking One Large Instance. No Really.

As I post this, someone is seriously attacking They are probably also going for other large instances. I mean, maybe it’s that by brain does not want to accept the possibility that anyone on Earth who can locate and press a power button would think that they could successfully destroy :: breathe :: a…