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Getting Started With Mastodon and the Fediverse – GeekMom

You’re so over X/Twitter and can’t quite seem to entirely leave. You’ve got a few friends on Threads and a few on Bluesky. You’re pretty sure you also have accounts on at least five other social media networks and have forgotten most of them. And once in a while you hear the words “fediverse” and…

Mastodon Is the Good One

As Notopoulos writes, the Fediverse is a better, more user-centric social media concept than the one we currently have, where you amass followers on a single platform then lose them if that platform dies or becomes bad and you decide to quit. Federated social media means that you create an account on a server, can…

The Unraveling of Twitter – YouTube

The Unraveling of Twitter

[embed][/embed] My Comment: I got on the fediverse and ultimately deleted my Twitter account. I get a lot more engagement and followers on Mastodon than I ever got on Twitter. If you’re famous or well known, you have dilemmas like this, but for those of us with less mass appeal and a higher nerd factor,…

Shit Just Got Real: Mozilla Social Private Beta Launch

Last year, we announced we’re dipping our toes into the world of Mastodon. Today, we’re expanding to a private beta. We’ve put a lot of work into getting to this stage, but there is a lot more to do before we open it up more broadly. We’re making a long-term investment because we think…

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