Evidence Grows of Left-Wing Twitter Purge Directed by Musk

While claiming to have bought the social media giant in order to make it “an inclusive arena for free speech,” multibillionaire Twitter owner Elon Musk is apparently overseeing what critics claim is a purge of anti-fascist voices, The Intercept reported Tuesday.


“No one should’ve honestly believed Elon Musk would use his ownership of Twitter to champion free speech.”


“Several prominent anti-fascist organizers and journalists have had their accounts suspended in the past week, after right-wing operatives appealed directly to Musk to ban them and far-right internet trolls flooded Twitter’s complaints system with false reports about terms of service violations,” The Intercept’s Robert Mackey and Micah Lee wrote.


Among the suspended Twitter accounts are those of journalist Vishal Pratap Singh, who covers far-right protests in California; the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club, which provides security for LGBTQ+ events in Texas; the anarchist collective CrimethInc; and anti-fascist researcher Chad Loder.

Source: Evidence Grows of Left-Wing Twitter Purge Directed by Musk


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