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A line of nazi soldiers giving the salute.
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Africans Weaponized to Promote White Supremacy #Coonism

I’ve had enough. Even though I’m tired, since nobody else is doing this yet, I am going to have to do it. I hate this. Here is the outline. If you’re out there and involved in fighting disinformation, you can help me a lot by directing me to your articles, videos, and posts that deal…

Visions by Nicole T. Lasher
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Degrees of Separation

A few nights ago, I had a dream. Someone I care about and did my best to help and promote was in the dream attempting to chat me up. It was weird because as far as I can tell, this person sees me as a kind of auntie, and I see them as a kind…

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The Columbasing of Afrogenders

This post should probably be longer. Were I younger, and if I had more patience, it probably would be. I’m just so tired though. So I’ll briefly warn my fellow Africans in the diaspora and the continent what is going on. Do whatever you like with this information. Just don’t continue to fuck up and…

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Real Alternatives to YouTube for People in Marginalized Communities – Africans Live

We all know that YouTube is not the only video hosting platform, but when you need an alternative, you don’t want to go somewhere with the same problems. So I am doing a bit of research on what other platforms there are for those of us who really don’t want to share space with racists,…

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Midnight Musings : The Context of Your Alternative Matters

There are many things I’ve been trying to articulate lately. In an attempt to explain to people relatively new to reclaiming their ancestral spirituality, it has been a real trial to put to words what is wrong both with “traditionalists” who’ve been tainted by colonial influence, and for whom this was done because it was…

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Slow Jams Playlists on Spotify in Three Flavors

This one is the usual R&B slow jams playlist. It’s got some of the old and some of the new up in here. I have a rule of no depressing songs on my playlists of this purpose. You don’t need to be hearing about breakups and marital problems when you’re trying to get it on.…

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