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Interlude: Gutenberg Moves Fast – Half-Elf on Tech

I really love Gutenberg. I’m not kidding! I find it far more enjoyable to write (stories) in plain apps (I used Apple Pages because it syncs between laptop and iPad, yes, I am often using my iPad to write my novel, yes, I will let the world know when it’s done). But when I write…

Not Investing? Not Interested.

[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc] One thing I wish I didn’t understand about cis men is where and why they invest or don’t. I know that if I was truly pressed, I could count on any of the men who married me or call me a friend for real without a “just”. They’re on the same level…

Warcraft fans trick AI article bot with Glorbo hoax – BBC News

Members of the WoW subreddit suspected their words were being extracted and used to create news stories by a bot.So they laid a trap, uploading excitable posts about a new feature called Glorbo. The only problem? It doesn’t exist. Source: Warcraft fans trick AI article bot with Glorbo hoax – BBC News

CRISPR sausage gets FDA green light for consumption – Big Think

Gene-editing technologies provide a faster, more precise way to create animals with desirable traits. The FDA has issued an investigational approval to researchers, giving them permission to feed people meat from a new line of pigs, which are genetically engineered to be sterile. Society won’t be able to take full advantage of biotech’s benefits without…

Why Do Cyborgs Inspire Special Fear in Humans?

[embed][/embed] Advances in technology are always met with some degree of technophobia—and villainization. And cyborgs represent a special kind of fear inherent in losing ourselves in the technologies we create.

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