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Gigi and Bella Hadid stun runway with partially ‘shaved’ heads – CNN Style

Supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid debuted bold new looks Monday, storming a New York runway with bleached eyebrows, short bangs and — what appeared to be — half-shaved heads.But the sisters’ dramatic transformation was soon revealed to be the work of prosthetics artists, who had altered their appearance with the help of bald caps, wigs…

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The Pink Tax and Beauty Secrets

There is now a $20 price difference between what I paid for a product I bought 3 months ago, and now.  Same brand, same formula, same package, and same sellers. It’s $20 more now because I bought it and was stupid enough to let others know which one I bought. I am thinking that there…

My Room
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Making My Bed

Having spent so much time in it due to the latest bout of flu plus tonsillitis, I understood it was time to update my bed. My burgundy and pink zebra print sets are becoming worn, so it’s time to get new stuff. Unfortunately, leopard and snake print sets are either insanely popular or insanely unpopular,…

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The Good Fake (and Fake-ish) Gold Jewelry

[sc name="responsivevoice" ] Since the rapper Ugly God came out of the fake gold closet with his “good fake gold” response in an interview, many are wondering what exactly that is.  I don’t know what kind he is wearing, but living in a hot, humid area where jewelry will die if it’s not very good,…