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I Speak Fluent ‘New Social Media CEO Who’s In Over Their Head’; Let Me Translate The Last Few Days Of Twitter Policy | Techdirt

The last few days on Twitter have been, well, chaotic, I guess? Beyond the blocking of the ElonJet account, followed by the blocking of the @JoinMastodon account, then the blocking of journalists asking about all this and the silly made up defense of it, over the weekend, Twitter announced a new policy banning linking to…

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‘Dog Sniff Dog’ | FINGAZ STUDIO

We recently painted the building of Urban Nation Museum in Berlin. We were invited as part of their new group show that deals with communication in our times, so it felt right to paint a cycle of dogs sniffing ass… In collaboration with the Museum, we’ve produced a limited edition print from the same image Source: ‘Dog…

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Nanowar Of Steel – Norwegian Reggaeton (feat. Charly Glamour & Gigatron) – YouTube

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Twiztid – Raw Deal (The Juggalo Song) – YouTube

Lately, some “alt-right” and Trump fangirls have been trying to infiltrate ICP and related pages and groups on Facebook.  Of all the stupid shit… So I thought I need to post some reminders about what a Juggalo is, and why it’s probably a bad idea to recruit fans of the writers of such songs as…

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Popcorn Time for Trumpenchange

As I thought, Trump won because Amerikkka truly is majority colonist.  You just can’t have that many European immigrants looking for a new life where they think they won’t and/or shouldn’t have to bear the consequences of their own decadence, and it be otherwise.  So people who identify themselves as “white” across the country are…

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