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Livestreaming with Nicole Lasher

Testing the Behance Livestream Source: Livestreaming with Nicole Lasher

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Monday Live August 1, 2022 – YouTube

[embed][/embed] Live Q&A with K.Sis. Nicole. Let’s discuss African and diaspora spirituality, living as a Black woman in Israel, witchcraft, and more. [su_button url="" target="blank" style="soft" background="#c264df" size="12" icon="icon: film" text_shadow="1px 1px 3px #000000"]Watch on YouTube![/su_button]

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BREAKING: New Phase of Matter – YouTube

[embed][/embed] What are time crystals? How do scientists make one on a quantum computer.

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Shopping Anxiety

[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc]The humans behind the headlines: I have a friend in South Carolina who has anxiety about going grocery shopping because of the possibility of a copycat mass shooter. Churches are bringing back the armed and/or martial artist usher. Nothing really changed. The mass shooter of today is just the angry entitled of yesterday.…

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What’s new with IronWynch?

[sc name="responsivevoice" ][/sc]Internally, I’ve been coming to terms with many things about my new identity as a cyborg in more than theory. It has been a little weird. Some months have passed since the teeth were dealt with, and things seem to be going well. At the last cleaning, my teeth were much less mobile.…

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This Photographer Captured A Rare Sight—Frozen Waves At Dream Lake, Colorado

When we think we’ve seen all of the awesome things nature can do, we are given yet another marvel. Photographer Eric Gross discovered and snapped some photos of unique frozen waves at Dream Lake, Colorado, USA. Source: This Photographer Captured A Rare Sight—Frozen Waves At Dream Lake, Colorado

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