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Visions by Nicole T. Lasher
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Various Artworks by Nicole T. Lasher in November and December 2022

[su_custom_gallery source="media: 3698,3699,3700,3701,3702,3703,3704,3705,3706,3707,3708,3709" link="attachment" width="250" height="250"] These are various drawings I did this and last month. They all have varying degrees of assistance with Dawn AI. The AI is very limited, but it was very helpful in layout and color. It’s a very useful tool, but it is far, far away from the end of…

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It’s Official, I Am IronWynch

Over two decades ago, I named a role playing character I used to maneuver back in AOL’s Free-form Gaming Forum IronWynch. She was an experimental cyborg assembled by the ITC (from my dreams mythos). They wanted to see if the hardware and software would work, and after confirming that it did, just basically released her…