Blog: Diva Was Right. Classically Masculine People/Men Do Need To Be Nearly Hand Fed. Also, I’ve Realized My Secret Passion is Marketing.

Starts in Her Hair, Inspired by Goddess Supaqueen of Water Witch Creations

Okay, first things first, even though they are grown ass adults and shouldn’t need someone to hold their hand and make them eat nutritious food, nature doesn’t care about shoulds. Whether it’s because they’re socialized that way or not, or whether that socialization is because of patriarchy/hegemonic masculinity or super secret sisterhood power dynamics fostering…

Sexy Photo: Potato Salad

At like 0200 I started making some potato salad just because.  I do stuff like that sometimes. It’s going to make an excellent lunch for the family.

The Business

Lately, I’ve been putting more effort into my offline businesses.  The braiding thing is still slow, and I think it’s because somewhere, someone is selling relaxer cream here.  I don’t know where, but it doesn’t really matter.  Ethiopians and everyone else seem to be going straight.  So I may have to fade into the background,…

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