Blog: Diva Was Right. Classically Masculine People/Men Do Need To Be Nearly Hand Fed. Also, I’ve Realized My Secret Passion is Marketing.

Starts in Her Hair, Inspired by Goddess Supaqueen of Water Witch Creations

Okay, first things first, even though they are grown ass adults and shouldn’t need someone to hold their hand and make them eat nutritious food, nature doesn’t care about shoulds. Whether it’s because they’re socialized that way or not, or whether that socialization is because of patriarchy/hegemonic masculinity or super secret sisterhood power dynamics fostering…

The Difference Between Genocide and Social Decay

Genocide is when an outside group comes in and kills you because of your ethnicity. Social decay is when your ethnicity becomes pussified or otherwise morally cannibalistic, and kills itself. When people suffering from social decay claim genocide they, themselves, are agents of the decay.  They misdiagnose the cause of the rot, and waste energy…

Love and Circumstance

Your love for yourself and your love for the Universe must be above the circumstances, before you can love another and create a relationship that is above the circumstances. Until you do, you will always be able to find an excuse based on the circumstances. via (187) Nicole Tanit Nefertaueret Lasher.

Not Gon’ Be Able to Do It

Okay, I tried to break my no backtracking policy, but I can’t.  It’s not so much about the policy as it is the why.  Hannibal isn’t reaching the minimum bar for what I require in a bitch, much less a secondary partner, so it’s all just moot.  He’s one of those guys I’ll admire from…

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