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Head in the Galaxy by Nicole T. Lasher
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Short Note: The Missing Nazi Link is David Childress

The whole nazi talking points infiltrating the African spirituality community was a bit perplexing to me. Both in terms of how these people seemed at all credible to people aware enough to know of me, and spiritually, how so much Christos could wriggle in and nest itself among so much Thoth and Orumila was just…

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The (Near) Death of Witchcraft

In the 1980’s, while I was in high school, witchcraft was being castrated. In the 1990’s, while I was in the military, and then marrying, and then becoming a new mother, witchcraft was given a hysterectomy. Then in the first decade and a half of the new millennium, witchcraft was given a lobotomy.

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SoulMindBody.net Has a New Look

I’ve dressed up the look of SoulMindBody.net a bit.  Hopefully this theme makes it look a bit more inviting and less 1990’s.