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Purple Candles

[sc name="responsivevoice" ][/sc] our prayers may not go up to a god, or a goddess if you are like me kind of odd. our petitions may fall on nobody’s ears, maybe there’s no one who’s handling our fears. it may be that we are just wishfully hoping, and that our mystic dreams are just ways…

Just Go Home


every day breaks and every bird sings and every touch hurts and every word stings every bite is venom and every roof a tomb and every talk a plenum and every silence doom baby you have ventured too far from your dome you’ve had your adventure now just go home you hoped that the structure…


need your arms surround my body like a cage within them though i feel that i am freed of all the need for masks of terror drawn by dark necessities behind my eyes you do not ask that i reveal myself or that i open more than my big legs but leaning on my calf…

For Nosferatu

when we used to hang together neither of us cared what anyone else had to say about it and if anyone dared we would just laugh the same laugh giving the same sideways smile that we both got from our dear fathers who both pushed us the extra mile when i told you that you’re…

Works Out

one day you’ll look back on that moment you could have but didn’t because it just didn’t seem to be worth it so you put the potential on pause one day you’ll look back on your reasons to levy your options against to find they have passed like the seasons and like me they came…

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