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We Are Not Friends

[sc name="voicemaschi" ][/sc]We are not friends if I can’t trust you while I am awake or asleep, present or absent, strong or weak. We are not friends if the magnetic north of your moral compass is more dependent on the letter of the law or worse, the whims of politicians and law enforcement officers, than…

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Primal Fetish Relationships: Predator, Mate, and Prey

[caption id="attachment_2037" align="alignleft" width="169"] Primal Friends[/caption] [sc name="responsivevoice" ]As the Primal “fetish” community grows, I am noticing a rather disturbing trend to oversimplify our relationships to Predator vs. prey.  It’s like people are trying so hard to fit us into conventional BDSM boxes. Prey is what you eat or farm to consume.  Some like to…