Defining Moment

Well, it looks like our little ile has encountered one of those situations wherein prescribed ebbo must be made for the Iyami Aje, since we are mostly witches. According to the Obi, ideally we should do it ourselves, but I’m not sure our members are really ready for it. We will need to humanely dispatch:…

The (Near) Death of Witchcraft

In the 1980’s, while I was in high school, witchcraft was being castrated. In the 1990’s, while I was in the military, and then marrying, and then becoming a new mother, witchcraft was given a hysterectomy. Then in the first decade and a half of the new millennium, witchcraft was given a lobotomy.

Are Witches Dateable? – YouTube

Vesponse: Are Witches Dateable? – YouTube. [embed][/embed] This is my video response to Spiritree41’s question.  She asked if witches are dateable, or if it’s just not in our destiny to have relationships these days.

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