New Slowjams Playlist on YouTube Music

I stopped using Spotify, so I had to rebuild my playlist. It’s about as long as the old one, almost 7 hours. So enjoy Slowjams for the Longstroke.

K. Sis. Nicole Lasher (Ibtisam70) – YouTube

I’m thinking of going live on Mondays. I’m at GMT+3, so my morning is late night for the U.S. but I know people from all over the world. I chose Mondays because a lot of people I like are doing lives on Sundays and Fridays, and I want to watch them. Source: K. Sis. Nicole…

The Revolution Will Not Be Monetized, YouTube Shamed for Pride Month

I’m not usually that vocal online unless I’m bored or sick. In this case I’m getting ready for surgery next week, so I’ve been too wired to write or do too many readings, and guess what I stumbled onto in Twitter? Carlos Maza, a reporter, LGBTQ activist, Gay, and Latino man has been having trouble…

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