Spay Day

Today, Zoro and Zora, two kittens we raised from about 3 weeks to a month old, are getting neutered and spayed today.  We’ve got them in their boxes now, and are waiting for Catwoman to come get them and take them to the vet.  She’s known to the SPCA here as a cat rescue expert, so she gets it done for a huge discount or free, depending on what their policy is that month.

Yesterday, Zora got out of the Mefi/Dani/Poppy territory, so the other yard males had a field day.

Catwoman just came to get them.  She brought them to us about half a year ago.  We weren’t sure they were going to live because they were way too young to have been separated from their mother.  They managed though, and now think of me as their mommy.  I tried to do cat mommy things, except for breast feeding.  I saw a video of a Japanese woman breastfeeding her cats once.  No such masochism for this chick.

It was sad though.  They were so desperate for some nuk-nuk that they nursed on each other.  We thought maybe our resident love-monkey type Levani would let them nurse on him, but he wasn’t down with that.  He did nurture them very well otherwise though.  I learned a lot about the nature of maleness from my cats, when I stopped to pay attention.

Patz-patz, one of the young yard cats, has just returned from almost two weeks at the vet.  He was very sick with something they call “the yellow” here.  He’s been given antibiotics and fixed.  Now, he’s afraid and hiding somewhere in the livingroom.  Hopefully the experience hasn’t traumatized him so much that he hates people.

Now, as far as the pettable cats, the only two left to neuter are Dani and Poppy.  Dani just recently had kittens with his primary mate Dana.  There are five of them, and they’re living on our front porch.

Dana and the kittens


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