Beware of Mask Scams

Bad Transparent Valve Mask Scam

Scam transparent valve mask

Recently, I and many people have gotten our shipments of clear valve masks that promised to be the answer to many of their issues. They were supposed to make lip reading and speech therapy easier, and offer just as much protection as the N95 masks. They were supposed to be flexible and fit any face. What people actually received was cheap, unhygienic packed garbage that doesn’t even seal around a relatively large face.

Masks are here to stay as a hygiene accessory with fashionable options. So many merchants are taking advantage of the trend. The problem with any trend involving medical supplies though is that it’s a good opportunity for some unscrupulous people to get rid of surplus, old stock, and substandard parts that didn’t make the grade. The clear masks that many people got were obviously the lowest standard airbrush artist level respirators that were barely a step above a face shield. They definitely wouldn’t provide any level of virus protection from any droplets or particles in the air, and definitely wouldn’t reach anywhere near the level of an N95. The filters were even loosely stuffed into cheap zipper plastic bags, and are possibly contaminated with who knows what.

Transparent mask scam

What was in the package.

The ones I got were advertised on Facebook from a site at Apparently Facebook isn’t vetting their advertisers, which doesn’t bode well for masks or anything else. I will never order anything from a Facebook ad again because of this. This was one of a few reasons I’ve gone eggs-as-needed with them.

The masks may be useful as an alternative to mask brackets or better than nothing if you need your lips readable on camera, but I wouldn’t trust these for much else. If you see something similar advertised, save your money.

If something similar has happened to you, feel free to comment here or my Reddit Post.


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